Router Control Panels

Utah Scientific offers a wide range of control panels to suit any type of routing switcher application. Whether you need a simple single-bus panel where you select a source by pushing a single button or a very sophisticated multi-bus / multi-level control panel that can operate the entire system, Utah has the panel that will exactly fit your requirement.

UCP-LC Series

The UCP-LC family of panels represent a completely new approach to router control panels. These panels use dynamic labeling of high-resolution LCD switches and touchscreen displays to provide a completely ‘soft’ user interface which is driven by a unique user-configurable menu system to provide a very powerful yet user-friendly means of controlling any routing system.

UCP Series

The UCP Series is a wide array of control panels to suit multiple types of routing switcher applications. This involves simple single-bus panels where source selection is made by single button access to very sophisticated multi-bus / multi-level control panel that can operate the entire system.


The UCP-GPIO panel provides the means to extend the operation of a Utah Scientific router control system to external devices by means of contact closures. The panel is connected to the router controller by either U-Net or Ethernet connections and it is programmed in the same manner as a UCP-Series control panel through the U-Con Router Configuration Utility.


SoftPanel-2 is a system for creating and deploying GUI-based soft control panels on a network. The system consists of a Panel Creation Module which provides tools for designing the GUI panels, either as replicas of the UCP-series hardware panels or as free-form panels designed from a palette of buttons, displays, and other control devices