Why a Great Warranty Matters

The heart of your broadcast operation is your video router and its control system, and you can’t afford for that to be down for even a second. Missing any bit of key programming could mean losing your audience. Missing any bit of aired advertising could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. With margins being squeezed from all sides these days, no one can afford losing income for any reason but especially not because of equipment failure.

When you invest in Utah Scientific video routers and other infrastructure products you get a 10-year warranty as standard, the best in the industry and unrivalled. We can offer this because our products are that solid. For you, that means 10 years peace of mind. And if there ever is an issue, you know that no matter what that issue is, you can contact an experienced service engineer and get it resolved quickly and efficiently. While under warranty, the product is fixed no questions asked.

And now it gets even better. After the 10-year warranty period expires, customers have always had the option to get support by paying as they go for time and materials. As of last month we’ve added another option: extend your warranty. The deal is, you can extend the warranty, with the same terms as the initial warranty, for 1 or 3 year periods until the product is no longer supported.

Don’t know why we didn’t think of it before. Probably because we thought that after ten years, customers would be ready to move on to newer things. But a great many of our routers remain in action on the front lines after ten years and more, rock solid as ever.

Extending your warranty is quick and easy, and it’s a small price to pay for maintaining peace of mind.

Tom Harmon

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