The Router Buyer’s Guide

By Tom Harmon

If you are heading to NAB looking to acquire new infrastructure equipment such as routers, multi-viewers and playout gear, how do you choose what to invest in?

If all products converge to be similar over time (look at cars for example), how do you choose between manufacturers and their products?

Here are four key points I believe you should be thinking about as you choose your infrastructure partner:

  1. Reliability: Well designed, top quality components running below specification, so they run cool and trouble free.
  1. Redundancy: Redundancies all the way from the power supply connector to the cross-point chip.
  1. Future proof: With the industry in a period of fear, uncertainty, and doubt over the move to IP and IT technology, products that enable hybrid operation and incremental transition from the SDI to the IP world for many years to come.
  1. Total Cost of Ownership: How much is my investment going to cost over its lifetime? This is not only about the initial investment, but:
    • The length and cost of warranty;
    • What happens at the end of the warranty period?
    • Easy and cost effective expansion, and;
    • The easy and cost-effective accommodation of new standards and formats.

Come and talk to me or another Utah Scientific representative, and we will walk you through the total cost of ownership for your infrastructure systems … and see if we can tick all your boxes!


(Photo credit CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson)