Chris Harmon

As we all recover from NAB in Vegas, we finally get time to ponder and assess what we saw and what we learned. Here’s my take.

The most obvious thing seemed to be that everything was way more expensive than it used to be! You couldn’t go anywhere in a cab for less than $20.

4K is being put back in its box, but science teams still like it as they need resolution –  the rest of the chain is not there yet, and you have to question if it ever will be.

Its place at the top of the heap is being taken by HDR, which does make sense as you don’t have to replace everything in your facility – your router and infrastructure all still work, they just carry a signal that has been tweaked a bit.

We were all hoping that the SMPTE 2110 standard would be ratified by NAB, but unfortunately no, its still in ballot stage with a few comments to be resolved. However, it is anticipated it will be approved by mid-year – the good news is NO ONE is saying it will not happen! Is this an industry first? Don’t hold your breath!

3D died, VR assumed the mantle for gaming and the consumer, and drones were everywhere. We are working on a miniature 144 squared routing switcher in conjunction with DJI for their next-gen multi-camera drones with on board editing and playout – watch this space.