One of the Industry’s Best-Kept Secrets

By Randy Rose, Utah Scientific Customer Service Manager

We know our products are supremely reliable, which is why we can offer the industry’s only no-fee 10-year warranty as standard. Coupled with 40 years of history in this business, where we have come across every workflow known to man, this has a bigger, less publicized impact — it’s what I call our “No Questions Asked” support policy and this above-and-beyond mentality is one of the things that really sets us apart in this business.

Because routers are such a central part of any operation, they’re often the first thing people point to if there’s some sort of problem. Our customers know we always have their backs when there’s an issue, even when it’s not related to one of our products. Where other vendors might push back and say, “Figure it out and then call us back if it’s our fault,” we jump right in with both feet to identify the source of the issue and then help with the solution, even if the problem was not ours to begin with.

For example, we recently sold a router system to a new customer, a truck operator, who sent us this note once commissioning was complete:

“Thanks for all your help during the design and implementation of the project. It went very well as far as the Utah part of the project was concerned. You should know that the EIC (Engineer in Charge) is likely now a lifetime convert to Utah, due to the outstanding service he received from the Utah team, where he was ALWAYS able to get ahold of someone within an hour or so to help with whatever piece of software he needed help with. Commissioning went equally well. The EIC was amazed that help was always available when he needed it.  Congrats to your entire crew and company. Now, QUIT being such a well-kept secret!”

At Utah Scientific, we’re playing the long game. We know that building goodwill with our customers and keeping them happy will also keep them coming back to us with future projects. And the warranty? It’s the real deal and one of the industry’s best-kept secrets — until you need to use it — then you will be glad we are here!

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