NAB Las Vegas 2018 was a real treat this year. We want to thank everyone that made it out to our booth including our strategic partners Axon, Emotion, NVerzion, and Norwia. Together we stayed busy and met a lot of new and interesting people. That said, we wanted to discuss a few of the things which stood out the most and wrap up our experiences.

This year we showed top of the line solutions from not only Utah Scientific, but from our partners as well.  The solutions we were showing ranged from hardware based to software workflows and full end to end workflows.  These products are intended to empower users and customers to not only get the job done, but get it done right in an effective fashion.  It’s this power of choice that helps our customers find the most ideal approach to any situation with confidence and ease that only the assurance of a 10 year warranty and solid reliability can provide.

To address the evolving IP requirements, Utah Scientific unveiled the new Pass-Through card for any Utah 400 Series 2 or 3 router.  Additionally, the new Pass-Through card can operate on a stand-alone basis to efficiently convert SDI to IP signals while maintaining the original SDI signal for use elsewhere. This unique and revolutionary option, which can be combined with any other existing card combinations, allows for twelve 3G/HD/SD signals to be switched in SDI while simultaneously providing IP copies (2022 or 2110) and fed to IP fabric.  With this dual functionality users will be able to work within their current SDI infrastructure while migrating to more IP based workflows.  Most importantly, this allows for anyone seeking a path from SDI to IP to make this migration at their own pace.

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