DVG Wrap Up

DVG was an excellent show this year. We exhibited our line of Routing Switcher and Master Control Products.

In the picture shown above, Utah Scientific Regional Sales Manager George Wicker (center), is talking with Digital Video President Bill Martin(on right in red shirt), as Bill brings Waterman Broadcast’s Harold Wright over to discuss new expansions to their existing Utah Routing system located at Waterman’s WVIR TV station.

Utah systems have been in place at WVIR for almost a full decade and continued to serve all WVIR’s needs in both Master Control and house routing system.

Digital Video Group’s COO, Alex Martin stated that literally hundreds of both new and existing customers attended this years trade show.  He feels it is a sign of the country’s improving economy and the need for Broadcast facilities to continue to invest in their infrastructure with products like Utah Scientific.  Martin noted Utah was one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the business, due to their industry leading 10 year warranty. Customers also love the fact that Utah continues to manufacture its products in the United States.

Digital Video Group is expecting to expand their business with Utah Scientific with new strategic partnerships that Utah is offering with AXON for multiviewer products, NVerzion for automation and server products, and Norwia for fiber products.

Something else that caught everyone’ eye was our new Hybrid Routing products, designed to meet the industry requirement for SMPTE 2110 standards of the IP future of TV Broadcasting.  The new SMPTE 2110 products and new Utah products like “On-Ramp” allow existing owners to upgrade to 2110 and use SDI signal inside the same router frame.  Those same products allow new customer to use Utah products to begin to enter the SMPTE 2110 standard with a  lower migration for the new 2110 infrastructure.

If you like to learn more about On-Ramp or other new Hybrid routing products click here to request and expert or call us at 801-575-8801