IBC 2018 Wrap Up

 With IBC in the rear-view mirror we can look back on what was yet again another great show.  Whether it be the ongoing transition in signal distribution methods from SDI to IP or format changes such as 4K (even 8K) and HDR, this was another great opportunity to demonstrate how we here at Utah are helping our customers to navigate all of these technologies.  We certainly live in a hybrid world and that much was quite apparent at IBC given the wide variety of products being shown.  While many are making a quick transition to IP based workflows, just as many are still looking for how and when to execute such a transition.  This is why we were demonstrating just how this transition can be handled, at the customer’s preferred pace, with Utah Scientific’s broad selection of products.

 While there are certainly new build situations where people have the luxury and budget of purchasing all new products, the reality is that most broadcasters will be put in a position of transitioning existing facilities to newer platforms.  This is much easier said than done, which is why Utah Scientific is here to help every step of the way.  Budgetary constraints will require broadcasters to make strategic moves on when and what will be replaced or upgraded and this will require products and solutions which work in a myriad of environments.  With Utah Scientific you get the flexibility you need to upgrade the components you want, at the time you’d like.

Beyond that flexibility it is also very important to mention that all our hardware comes with the industry’s best 10-year hardware warranty. We want clientele with budgetary constraints to consider the benefit of peace of mind. If you have to be strategic you want to buy hardware that you know is going to work for longer than the next year or two. You want something that you can be sure won’t receive an end of life letter the following year. You need a company will not only stand behind that hardware but help you expand your existing infrastructure while easing you into the standards of tomorrow.

For more information on how Utah Scientific can help you ease into the standards of tomorrow contact us online here or give us a call at 801-575-8801