Looking to Get the Job Done With Less Staff?

Troy at SMPTE 2018 Meeting With the PressUtah Scientific loves visiting SMPTE’s annual conference because it brings a wide array of interested individuals to meet with. The SMPTE community is made up broadcast, production, post production, government and more.  It is such a diverse group of professions it is always guaranteed to keep us on our toes.  

This year our VP of Sales Troy Davis made it out to the show and covered popular topics of interest including SMPTE-2110, 2022 routing, control, and our monitoring systems.  Amongst all the interest we noticed  a lot of excitement this year at our booth for Emotion audio file software.

Audio File Software

Understandably, companies are working to reduce margins and get the job done with less staff. When making or distributing broadcast content there are several excellent tools to help get the video right or where it needs to be, but once the audio has been mixed and added to the media file, there isn’t much available to alter it. But this is where multiple versions are required to create all the required deliverables and the need to create the deliverables ends up increasing staff. Emotion audio file software reduces that need.

We think that with the large amount of content creation and more importantly content distribution in Los Angeles the emotion product makes lot of sense for individuals that visited our booth this year. It also makes a lot of sense to consider the hardware that Utah Scientific has available because our routing and distribution hardware is the only hardware industry wide backed by a no fluff 10-year warranty. Here at Utah Scientific we like to ensure that businesses can comfortably reduce margins through dependable solutions that simply don’t quit.

Flexible Distribution

Utah Scientific uses an innovative matrix architecture which lets all our routing products scale from 8×8 to 1056×1056 and beyond using a single family of matrix building blocks. In addition to flexibility of configuration our routing and distribution products typically provide a huge reduction in physical space required for routing hardware and have significantly lower power consumption requirements.  

We provide a host of solutions, each and every one of them is flexibility you can count on.If you need to follow up with Troy regarding SMPTE or have additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us online or by calling here 801-575-8801.