The August 2019 Texas Association of Broadcasters show in Austin Texas was a huge success with record numbers of attendees and exhibitors! Utah Scientific was there too, filled with information for all, ready to discuss the latest offerings in routing, fiber optic transmission, and hybrid SDI-IP video. John Schilberg, US Central Regional Sales Manager was joined by Sidney Rogers, Marketing Specialist. We were treated to a near constant flow of current and future customers with a wide range of questions.

If I had to compare things to a year ago, I’d say a lot of the IP Video dust kicked-up over the past couple of years is beginning to settle. At NAB 2018 the ST2110 buzz was so loud it was almost deafening, and TAB 2018 was no different. This year, a more pragmatic approach is replacing that roar of the buzz, and a lot of the fear for the future has been replaced with a new understanding. For example, we now know three things to be true:

1) SDI video will be a prevalent signal format for many years to come.
2) IP video will become a prevalent video format in the future.
3) We have no idea what dates will be attached to those two statements.

People responsible for ensuring that every newscast and production goes without a hitch are coming to terms with the radical differences between SDI and IP system designs. They’re also starting to realize there may not be one future system, but many future systems. Then, for safe measure, add the impact of High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Gamut (WCG), and High Frame Rate (HFR) and you’ve got a real alphabet soup starting to form, with the obvious question being, “Is it soup yet?”

See you at the next show!