By Barry Singer

At Utah Scientific, we like to say “There are two types of broadcast engineers: those who love Utah Scientific, and those who haven’t installed us yet.” The City of San José definitely falls into that first category, as a satisfied user of our Series 2 router since 2011. Last December, when it came time for the city to upgrade to a 12G single-link system, the choice was simple: stick with Utah Scientific.

Craig Jutson, San José’s broadcast engineering and operations manager, put it this way: “The first and most important element in our decision to renew with Utah Scientific was the dependability of our UTAH-400 Series 2. It ran 24/7, 365 days a year for nine years with NO issues – no power supply or control failures whatsoever. We never had a need to reboot it.”

For Jutson, the choice to stay with Utah Scientific while upgrading to 12G signal flow was simple, and it was made even easier by our company’s customer-friendly policies.

“Making a Utah-to-Utah router transition is quite straightforward,” Craig added. “And Utah Scientific doesn’t charge an annual maintenance fee, which over the life of a router can be extremely expensive.”

We knew the UHD-12G would be a perfect solution for San José’s growing 12G requirements as well as allowing for a continued 3G workflow. It was a simple decision for both Utah Scientific and the City of San José to extend this partnership of nine-plus years. And we’d also like to add that working with Craig was fantastic!