Graphics Station

The GS-4000 is a full-featured graphics system designed to support all of the varied requirements for text and graphics in master control branding applications. The GS-4000 supports display of a large number of static and animated logos. Animated logos are flipbook animations that are played back in real-time. Static logos are imported from standard graphic files with full support of transparency information.

When it is imported into the GS-4000, the logo with all of its setup parameters is stored in the system’s library for future recall. Logos can be placed anywhere on the screen, combined with static and dynamic text elements, and then saved as a scene. Each scene can contain one or multiple logos, text fields, etc, each object having its individual timeline control.

In addition to supporting static text elements on a scene, the GS-4000 offers a very powerful set of linking tools for presenting text from external data sources such as time and temperature displays, newstickers, etc. The source data can also come from a local database or spreadsheet files, making it easy to automatically present highly customized information about upcoming program schedules or breaking news events.



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