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IP Baseband Migration: A Hybrid Approach for SDI Facilities

  • Why most operations will not convert overnight to IP
  • Learn about the top methods for converting signals to IP and which is best for you
  • Find out which cost and space requirement are brought on when using external conversion
  • Get the pros and cons about doing internal conversion in your SDI router


As the IP (internet protocol) revolution sweeps through the broadcast industry, there’s little doubt that most video operations will be driven by IP technologies in the not-so-distant future. The key benefits of IP have been well-publicized: OPEX will be lowered drastically through the ability to use less-costly cabling and commodity hardware, and the unbundling of hardware and software solutions will enable operators to source software from many different vendors.

In this white paper, we’ll present an overview of the IP standards landscape and offer some practical guidance for operators, system designers, and manufacturers, with a focus on constructing IP “islands” within current SDI infrastructures. Taking into account key parameters such as control systems, SDI-to-IP conversion, and 12G SDI, this “island” approach offers a practical means of providing a low-risk transition to the world of uncompressed IP video, audio, data, and timing.

With a 40-plus-year track record of providing leading-edge broadcast routing technology, Utah Scientific is committed to supporting its customers through every technology transition, especially those that are fundamental to core operations. One of our newest innovations for the IP migration is the UTAH-400 IP Gateway, a family of input and output cards that provide two-way conversion of SDI video signals and SMPTE-2022 signals over a 10G Ethernet connection. With legacy SDI video devices expected to remain in broadcast switching infrastructures for years to come, the new IP gateway cards help to bridge the gap between traditional SDI and IP signal processing.

As an AIMS member company, Utah scientific is excited to help chart the next generation of IP media solutions. We are continuing to leverage our deep and broad expertise in today’s SDI technologies to deliver solutions like our foundational UHD-12G 4k router platform, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of uncompressed IP audio, video and data.