The “IP View” Starter Kit

If you are interested in the move to IP,  but not sure where to start, we believe that using IP for multiviewing is both cost effective and efficient, and provides an opportunity to create an IP island in your facility and learn as you go. 

This very attractively priced “IP View” Starter Kit can work with your existing router to provide sophisticated multiviewing capabilities in a hybrid way, reducing cabling and saving on expensive crosspoints.

IP Multiviewer diagram

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlines workflows
  • Increases interoperability
  • Saves router outputs
  • Reduces complex cabling
  • Begins the IP transition

Above all, we believe this creates a learning experience in a non-mission-critical environment and we will be with you all the way as you install and configure the system.

 For one special low price the “IP View” Starter Kit provides everything you need:

  1. Utah Scientific IP card for your UTAH-400 Series 2 router
  2. AXON IP Multiviewer
  3. Arista 10GB IP Switch
IP Gateway Card

Along with this offer comes unlimited telephone and remote dial-in support to set up the IP environment so you learn as you build your first IP island.

Take advantage of this offer today by requesting a call from your Utah Scientific sales representative.