Hybrid SDI/IP Routing

Utah Scientific pioneered the use of switching video over IP networks with the release of the UTAH-400 IP router in 2007, just as broadcasters were starting to experiment with the concept of using IP in the broadcast environment. The company received a patent for the technology in 2010 as written up in Broadcasting & Cable magazine at the time.

Since then the company has stayed at the forefront in development of routing products for IP operations in video environments, offering hybrid solutions to advance the transition to IP.  Current systems address solutions to accommodate SMPTE 2022, TR-03, and the emerging SMPTE 2110 standard. Utah was an early supporter of  AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions) and holds a position on the AIMS board of directors.

UTAH-400 Series 2 Hybrid IP/SDI Router

With all the buzz surrounding studio video over IP and the next-generation SMPTE ST-2110 standard, there’s still the reality of everyday SDI workflows. Utah Scientific’s new 400 Series platform is the perfect choice for high-density SDI coupled with the ability to create high- density IP signals from the same central frame. Backed by our renowned support and legendary reliability, the 400 Series can handle any number of IP and SDI professional video signal formats along with a number of audio and data formats.

Certified Hybrid Video Routers

UTAH-400 Series 2 IP Gateway

Our flagship UTAH-400 Series 2 configured with IP gateway input and output cards provides dual 10GigE SFP ports for uncompressed, baseband video using SMPTE 2022-5 or 2022-6, supporting the ongoing transition from SDI to IP. A third SFP provides a switched SDI version of the 2022 streams, simplifying the monitoring of IP streams. The input card accepts one or two encapsulated streams, automatically detecting the format and decoding up to 12 SDI video streams accordingly. Once decoded, these signals are available for use in the video matrix. The output card accepts up to 12 separate SDI streams and multiplexes them into two 10GigE IP streams that are ready for transport over a standard 10GigE network.