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The GS-4000 includes two primary applications that are used together to combine graphics
and crawls into scenes that are saved for quick recall by the master control switcher. The two
main applications are LogoMaster and CrawlMaster. LogoMaster provides a method of
managing and combining graphics into scenes and drives the GS-4000’s Key and Fill outputs.
The LogoMaster application also accepts crawls from the CrawlMaster application and
combines it with its graphic pages.


The GS-4000 is a full-featured graphics system designed to support all of the varied requirements for text and graphics in master control branding applications. The system is capable of displaying a large number of static and animated logos, which are played back in real-time.

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

“As a well-known provider of dependable, worry-free routers with the world’s best warranty, Utah Scientific was an easy choice to supply the routers for this value-added solution.”
– Peter Schut, Senior Vice President, Media Infrastructure, EVS
“Based on our ongoing and successful partnership with Utah Scientific, we already have firsthand experience with the company’s engineering excellence, product reliability, and first-rate service and support.”
– Todd Mason, Founder and CEO, BMG (Broadcast Media Group)
“Utah Scientific has outstanding brand recognition in the studio and mobile broadcast markets and a stellar reputation for reliability, longevity, and customer service.”
– Michel Suissa, Managing Director of Professional Solutions, The Studio-B&H
“The new Utah Scientific system has made a huge difference in our production capabilities, allowing us to handle five times the programming output of the old facility.”
– David Finer, Manager, City Channel Pittsburgh

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