Utah 400 Series 1

Enterprise Video router

The UTAH-400 Series 1 was developed to provide a single platform for all digital enterprise router applications from very small to extremely large matrix configurations while handling all digital signal formats. Thanks to an innovative matrix architecture the UTAH-400 is readily scale-able from 8 x 8 to 1152 x 1152 and beyond using a single family of matrix building blocks. In addition to this flexibility of configuration, the UTAH-400 Series 1 offers tremendous reductions in the physical space and power consumption requirements typically needed.

The UTAH-400 Series 1 uses a 3-board architecture consisting of an input board, a crosspoint board, and an output board. All frames and internal signal distribution components are designed for HD signal compatibility, providing full insurance that an SD system can be upgraded to 3G HD operation by simply exchanging the signal I/O modules. The UTAH-400 family consists of audio and video frames for 32 x 32, 64 x 64, 144 x 144, and 288 x 288 matrix sizes.

The UTAH-400 offers a glimpse into the future of routing switcher design with its unique signal presence monitoring capability. By continuously monitoring the presence of digital
bit streams at each input and each output, the system can support automatic rerouting, or “protection switching”, to restore a signal feed that is interrupted by an internal or external
fault. For example: Simple logic instructions can be set up to cause the switcher to switch a given output to a secondary input if there is loss of signal on the primary input. Using the
same logic facilities, the system can check for signal presence on the active input when it detects loss of signal on an output before sending an alarm to the operator.



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Technical Specs

Digital Video Matrix

(SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M; DVB-ASI)

Data Rates

SD Boards:               540, 360, 270, 177, 143 Mbps

HD Boards:              above rates, plus 1.485 Gbps

.                                 and 3.0 Gbps HD Signals

(Other rates from 3Mbps to 3Gbps can be

handled by disabling the output re-clocking)

Input Return Loss

to 1.5GHz:            15 dB

to 3.0GHz:            10 dB

Automatic Input Equalization (8281 coax)

143,177,270 Mbits:     1000 ft.

1.5Gbps and 3Gbps    300 ft.

Signal Level                800mV p-p ±10%

Output Return Loss

To 1.5GHz                  15 dB

To 3.0 GHz                 10 dB

Reclocking:                 Yes, on outputs

Analog Video I/O Option

Input Signal Standards:          NTSC (RS-250C)

.                                               PAL-I

Converter Resolution:             10 bits

Converter Delay:                     1ms

A>D Conversion:     3 line adaptive comb filter

A>D Conversion Delay:         78us

Input and Output Return Loss:           >40 dB

Differential Gain:                    1.5%

Differential Phase:                  1.5 degrees

Frequency Response:              +/- 0.1 dB to 5.5 MHz

Gain Uniformity:                    +/- 0.5 dB to 500 KHz

Crosstalk:                                -60 dB

Tilt:                                          0.1%

Signal to Noise Ratio:             -58 dB

Digital Audio Matrix                               (AES3id)

Balanced Differential Inputs/Outputs

(75 Ohm Unbalanced I/O Option)

Input Impedance:                110 Ohms

Maximum Commond mode Level ±7 V (DC-20 KHz

Output Impedance:             110 Ohms

Analog Audio I/O Option

Converter Resolution:                        24 Bits

                                              (20 or 16 selectable)

Total Harmonic Distortion            0.1%

Crosstalk                                           -85db (20 KHz, + 24dBu)

Gain Uniformity:                             +/-0.15 dB

Frequency Response:                      +/- .25 dB

.                                                          (20hz to 20kHz)

Input Impedance:                            200k

Output Source Impedance:            <50 ohms

Common Mode Rejection:             70 dB (50/60 Hz)

Power Requirements

(all supplies are UL-listed and IEC950 approved)

Input:                                                 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

Max Consumption:

RF-400/32                100W

RF-400/64                300W

RF-400/144              300W

RF400/288              600W