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The Science of IP: An IT Architecture for Video Operations


In discussions about an Ethernet-based architecture, the concept of “fabric” often comes up. In many ways, fabric is a perfect analogy for how all the connections in an Ethernet design are woven together, just as tiny threads of cotton fiber are woven to create textiles. In the end, fabric can take many different shapes, but its underlying structure is consistent and, if woven correctly, builds a very strong composite. Ethernet fabric, in fact, is the very composition of similar and dissimilar data flows that define a set of functions in and around themselves.

In our earlier paper, IT Essentials, we covered the basics of IP, addressing subnets, gateways, and other elementary concepts. This paper will focus more on the overall audio and video architecture as it applies to uncompressed video streams and how they function in an Ethernet fabric. That’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.