UDS Compact Routing Series

Compact video routing for Small Scale Operations

The UDS compact Series is ideal for small applications. The series consists of SDI 8×32 configurable distribution amplifier, SDI 10 x 10, as well as 20 x 20 routers. With our Line of Compact UDS routers and configure-able distribution amplifiers we have created a quality line of products designed for small-scale operations. Sitting at 1 RU, nothing has been compromised in terms of functionality, feature or durability. Our Compact Series is designed first and foremost to provide mission critical routing and distribution. The size of our compact routing series also makes them ideal for virtually any application or environment including Broadcast, Mobile Trucks, Flypacks, Production, Rental Houses and other Corporate Installations.

Facility integration for automation or third-party device control is easily accomplished using our industry standard Utah Scientific RCP-1 Serial and RCP-3 Ethernet protocols. All Products come with a standard inline power supply and the option to add a redundant power supply if required as well. The Compact series supports all current broadcast signal formats (SDI,HD-SDI,3g SDI,DVB-ASI).

Signal equalization and reclocking with automatic reclocking bypass for non-standard formats is included in all products. All SDI routers include a local control panel for fast, simple operation, using dual-color illuminated buttons for convenient router source and destination labeling.  Review the Brochure for full list of products and details.



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Technical Specifications

Video Standards:

SMPTE 259M-c, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 425M-A

SMPTE 425-B, SMPTE 310M, DVB-ASI compliant

Embedded Audio:      20- bit synchronous 48 khz to SMPTE 272M-C

. .                                       24-bit synchronous 48 khz to SMPTE 299M

Video Inputs & Outputs

Formats:          Auto select for simultaneous operations

. .                         of SD, HD,3G SDI, 2k & DVB-ASI

Connector:     BNC, 1 per input and output

Reclocking:      Automatic for all standard signal rates 270Mbps, 1.485Gbps, 2.970Gbps, DVB-ASI

                       Automatic bypass for non-standard signal rates 18 mbps-2.970Gbps

Equalization: Automatic 400, at 270Mbps,220m at 1.485Gbps,200m at 2.970Gbps

.                        with Belden 1694A or quivalent cable.

Reference Input: (1) BNC: Analog PAL, NTSC, or HD tri-level


(1) Rj-45:  10/100 Ethernet- embedded web server- Utah Scientific RCP-3 Ethernet Protocol

(1) Rj-45:  Diagnostic port

(1) 422/232: DB-9f Subminiature – Utah Scientific RCP-1 serial protocol


90-240VAC 50/60Hz external +12V DC- (2) Captive nut fastener

Power consumption:               30watts max


Width:                         19” (48.26cm)

Depth:                         DA & Routers 4.25” (10.80cm)- Panels 3.75” (9.53cm)

Height:                        1RU, 1.75” (4.45cm)

Weight:                       DA & Routers 4.8lb (2.1kg)- CP 3.8lb (1.7kg)- XY4lb (1.8kg)


Operating temperature:                     32-104 °F (0-40 °C)

Relative humidity range:                   0-90% non-condensing