Modular Audio & Video Distribution Amplifier

The Utah-100/3 family of Distribution Amplifiers provide an economical but highly reliable means of creating multiple copies of both analog and digital video signals. 

 The 2RU frame holds dual power supplies for maximum reliability and up to ten DA modules. Each module is supplied with rear panel assembly to match the module’s configuration. The 1RU frame which holds up to five modules is also available. Examples of the available module configurations include:

Analog Video  – Single or Dual                                             (1×8 & 1×4 looping input with optional

.                                                                                             clamping and equalization)

SD Digital – Single, Dual or Triple                                       (1×2, 1×4, 1×8 with equalization and

.                                                                                             optional re-clocking)

HD/3G Digital Video – Single, Dual or Triple                       (1×2, 1×4, 1×8 with equalization and 

.                                                                                              optional re-clocking)

Analog Video – Single or Dual                                               ( 1×8 or 1×4 with balanced I/O)




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