XFD-100 & XFD-200

Fiber Distribution Frames

The XFD Fiber Distribution series provides a uniquely flexible solution for conversion and distribution of digital video signal. The XFD-100 and 200 are both very compact at 1RU. The XFD-200 is capable of holding 8 OC-4b-SDI cards while the XFD-100 holds four.  With a simple SFP key, you can unlock any of more than 200 powerful combinations, insert a dual optical transmitter SFP for a two-channel transmission card, or swap in a dual-channel receiver and the AutoSFP technology will automatically set up the Optical Interface card as a dual-channel optical receiver. It’s that simple.

Both support the full range of video and audio formats found in today’s operations. These formats include 4K/12G-SDI, dual and quad-link 4K, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, RS422, GPIO, DVB-ASI, MADI, AES audio, Analog video, HDMI input, HDMI output, Gigabit Ethernet, Intercom, and even Sony optical/electrical remote CCU’s. 

Utah Scientific’s exclusive AutoSFP® technology is built into the core fabric of the XFD-200 as well as the XFD-100, adding industry-leading versatility and flexibility. The AutoSFP technology is integrated into the Utah Scientific Optical Interface card hardware and software, and leverages the full range of SFPs to offer an immensely powerful platform for system design. Plus, AutoSFP offers an intuitive, easy, and automatic way of setting the UTAH-100/XFD up for a particular operation. Unique to Utah Scientific, this innovation provides immense cost-savings and enables highly efficient fiber distribution workflows.




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