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When to Upgrade Software or Firmware

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When to Update Software or Firmware


Is it necessary to update my Utah Scientific firmware or software?

Well…that depends. In some cases, it is important to upgrade, for example: Sometimes a new known issue with the component is discovered prompting the need for an update to fix it.  In other cases, an update may be optional. This typically happens when a new feature is developed and released. Other times it might not be needed at all!  We are always happy to check the release notes for a product to determine if there is in fact an upgrade and if we find one we can help you determine if it is necessary or not.


How Are we Notified?


Typically, Utah Scientific does not directly notify all our customers when a new release is available. When a product is shipped we ensure that it has the latest version installed. Unless an issue comes up with that component shortly after release or a new feature is developed and released down the road, no update is ever truly necessary. Since updates typically aren’t a major need, we don’t publish them on our website or make huge release announcements. If you are curious about the existence of an update or availability at any time, we recommend contacting our service department anytime.


How are Updates Performed?


When we provide an update, it can be done a few ways. Depending on the component and level of complexity, this can be as simple as sending a file to you via email or as complex as having one of our service engineers remote in and perform the update. Either way, all you need to do is sit back and speak with our service team to determine what will work best.


Is There a Cost?


Depending on the warranty and service plan that the component is under, it may require a fee for updating any software and firmware. There are some components that would require replacement hardware that would incur additional costs to update to current versions. Would you like to know more? Click here to reach out to us online or call us at 801-575-8801 today!

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

“As a well-known provider of dependable, worry-free routers with the world’s best warranty, Utah Scientific was an easy choice to supply the routers for this value-added solution.”
– Peter Schut, Senior Vice President, Media Infrastructure, EVS
“Based on our ongoing and successful partnership with Utah Scientific, we already have firsthand experience with the company’s engineering excellence, product reliability, and first-rate service and support.”
– Todd Mason, Founder and CEO, BMG (Broadcast Media Group)
“Utah Scientific has outstanding brand recognition in the studio and mobile broadcast markets and a stellar reputation for reliability, longevity, and customer service.”
– Michel Suissa, Managing Director of Professional Solutions, The Studio-B&H
“The new Utah Scientific system has made a huge difference in our production capabilities, allowing us to handle five times the programming output of the old facility.”
– David Finer, Manager, City Channel Pittsburgh

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