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The 2RU SC-4E enterprise controller is the most flexible and comprehensive controller in the SC controller series, with multiple Ethernet, serial, U-Net and sync reference inputs and is the primary choice for TV stations and truck systems.


The SC Controller series has both the control and power to reliably manage Utah Scientific’s routers and master control switchers with every enhanced feature for the modern broadcast facility. All of Utah Scientific’s controllers include the GUI software suite for configuration, monitoring, comprehensive SNMP support, tie-line management, system salvos, support for countless panels and multiple routing switchers. Together it all provides an entire package for the ultimate in system control. With the optional redundant control card providing mirrored redundancy, you can have a complete back up and protected operation for mission critical functionality.


Designed on the Linux platform with virtually instant boot time, our controllers provide exceptional reliability and are backed by our industry-leading 10 year warranty. A broad range of interfaces to third party routers, automation systems, multiviewers, production switchers and tally control systems provides seamless integration of your facility operations.

Technical Specs

Exceptional Reliability
„Linux Platform with Instant boot time
„Standard GUI software Suite
„Retains settings upon power restoration
„Uninterrupted system operation during panel configuration
„Standard SNMP monitoring support
„Standard Tie-line management
„Standard system salvos
„Supports hundreds of control panels
„Supports multiple virtual router layers
„Broad range of integration for 3rd party devices
„Redundant controller card with mirrored redundancy (optional)
„Standard redundant power supply

Reference Input
(6) Video BNC looping Analog PAL, NTSC, or
tri-level (3) Separate reference signals
Used to switch on vertical interval
(2) RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet CAT5 cable
(2) Separate network ports
Operates all Utah software and UCP Series panels
Utah RCP-3 Ethernet protocol
(8) RJ-45 10/100 CAT5 cable
(8) Separate panel ports, 32 panels per port
Cable length 1000 feet per port
Operates all UCP Series panels
(6) RS-232/422 DB-9F Subminiature
Remote control of third party devices
Utah Scientific RCP-1 serial protocol
Party Line
(4) BNC – Operates all legacy CSP Series panels
(2) MX-Bus looping DB-25F Subminiature
Cable length 300 feet
Connects controller to all UTAH Series routing


(1) DB-9F Subminiature

(1) Phoenix
Syncs front panel time display
Timecode values for logging messages
(2) 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

“As a well-known provider of dependable, worry-free routers with the world’s best warranty, Utah Scientific was an easy choice to supply the routers for this value-added solution.”
– Peter Schut, Senior Vice President, Media Infrastructure, EVS
“Based on our ongoing and successful partnership with Utah Scientific, we already have firsthand experience with the company’s engineering excellence, product reliability, and first-rate service and support.”
– Todd Mason, Founder and CEO, BMG (Broadcast Media Group)
“Utah Scientific has outstanding brand recognition in the studio and mobile broadcast markets and a stellar reputation for reliability, longevity, and customer service.”
– Michel Suissa, Managing Director of Professional Solutions, The Studio-B&H
“The new Utah Scientific system has made a huge difference in our production capabilities, allowing us to handle five times the programming output of the old facility.”
– David Finer, Manager, City Channel Pittsburgh

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