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Utah Scientific to Unveil MAXMUX Multiplexing System and UHD Configurable Distribution Amplifier at 2024 NAB Show

New Solutions Transform Video Signal Management and Distribution by Increasing the Efficiency of Cable/Fiber Resources, Providing Operational Flexibility, and Reducing Hardware Costs

SALT LAKE CITY April 10, 2024 — Utah Scientific today announced it will unveil two innovative products at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show: the MAXMUX Multiplexing System and the UHD Configurable Distribution Amplifier (DA). These state-of-the-art solutions provide more cost-effective and efficient ways for professionals in the broadcast, AV integration, and content delivery industries to manage and distribute high-quality video signals across existing infrastructure.


“By introducing these two products simultaneously, we aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for signal distribution and amplification. MAXMUX can quadruple how many 3G/1.5G signals can move from point A to point B. And our configurable DA can be 1×32 or 16×2 and everything in between,” said Brett Benson, CEO of Utah Scientific. “We are confident that these products will revolutionize the way our customers manage and distribute video signals, and we look forward to showcasing them at the 2024 NAB Show.”


MAXMUX Multiplexing System: Significantly Reduces Cable/Fiber Requirements

The MAXMUX Multiplexing System is a groundbreaking technology that allows users to combine up to 80 discrete 3G or 1.5G signals into one uncompressed 12G or 6G data stream, offering a more cost-effective transport solution for fiber applications. This system is particularly beneficial for companies dealing with high volumes of video signals, as it is designed to increase the maximum number of 3G/1.5G channels over CWDM from 18 to 72, allowing users to quadruple their utilization of previously existing fiber networks. Increasing the efficiency of cable/fiber resources and simplifying setup and management leads to substantial cost savings.


Housed in a compact 2RU frame, the MAXMUX Multiplexing System supports standard resolutions of 12G, 3G, HD, or 720p video signals, with refresh rates of 23.98Hz to 60Hz. It can be used with any standard input or output (I/O) device, giving users more flexibility to optimize signal transport, reduce costs, and simplify complex transport scenarios without compromising quality.


UHD Distribution Amplifier: Fully Configurable for Operational Flexibility

The UHD DA is a groundbreaking product that addresses the need for distribution amplifiers that support up to 12G signals. This solution is designed to provide maximum flexibility and simplicity, ensuring that users can achieve the highest possible video quality and operational efficiency. With its ability to configure any combination of 1.5G, 3G, and 12G video signals in a 16×32 I/O matrix via native software, this compact 1RU DA offers unparalleled flexibility, ease of use, and cost savings.


Other key features of the UHD DA include:

  • Redundant power supply option: The UHD DA includes an optional redundant power supply, ensuring reliable performance and minimizing downtime in critical applications.
  • Reclocking of compatible signals: The amplifier features reclocking of compatible signals, ensuring that the video signals remain stable and free from distortion.
  • Compatible with DVB-ASI (270 Mbps): The UHD DA is compatible with DVB-ASI, making it an ideal solution for broadcast and satellite applications.
  • Low power consumption: The UHD DA has a power consumption of less than 30W, ensuring efficient operation and reduced energy costs.


The MAXMUX Multiplexing System and the UHD DA will be available in late April. Both products are covered by Utah Scientific’s standard 10-year hardware warranty, with an optional redundant power supply for the UHD DA.


Attendees can visit booth SU1027 to learn more about these innovative solutions.

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

“As a well-known provider of dependable, worry-free routers with the world’s best warranty, Utah Scientific was an easy choice to supply the routers for this value-added solution.”
– Peter Schut, Senior Vice President, Media Infrastructure, EVS
“Based on our ongoing and successful partnership with Utah Scientific, we already have firsthand experience with the company’s engineering excellence, product reliability, and first-rate service and support.”
– Todd Mason, Founder and CEO, BMG (Broadcast Media Group)
“Utah Scientific has outstanding brand recognition in the studio and mobile broadcast markets and a stellar reputation for reliability, longevity, and customer service.”
– Michel Suissa, Managing Director of Professional Solutions, The Studio-B&H
“The new Utah Scientific system has made a huge difference in our production capabilities, allowing us to handle five times the programming output of the old facility.”
– David Finer, Manager, City Channel Pittsburgh

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