Serving the Broadcast Industry

When it comes to experience Utah Scientific is one name that has been there since the very beginning. We have been serving the broadcast industry ever since our first analog video router. Today we live in a different world, and keeping up with the market today requires innovation, reliability and the efficiency.




By definition, innovation is action or process of change, new methods or ideas. Utah Scientific’s innovation can be found in every product big or small to fit any operation. We have pioneered many features that are considered commonplace in the industry from multi-format routing, integrated A/D and D/A conversions on inputs and outputs as well as 300 megabit switching.




In terms of efficiency the majority of our products are geared to get the job done while expending less energy. Not only do our products take up less space, but they are readily scale-able and have been proven capable of inter-operability meaning you can add more to do more as you grow with the assurance that your Utah Scientific hardware will continue to function.




Our 10-year warranty is the best in the business providing clients with the ultimate in prestige care and quality service. Some might ask why we offer such a long warranty compared to the competition. It’s because we are confident our products work, plain and simple. To us, this is the ultimate in dependability and true statement of our quality.

When it to routing we haven’t just been here for 41 years, we have been serving the Industry by providing the cutting edge products our clients need. Your infrastructure requires mission critical success and dependability. To learn more about our 10-year warranty or discuss any of the products that we provide please feel free to reach us online here or call us at 801-575-8801 today!