Video Routers & Distribution

Utah Scientific delivered its first analog video router, the AVS-1, to Salt Lake City’s KUED-TV in 1978, and has been serving the broadcast industry ever since.  Utah has become the world’s leader  in video routers, master control switchers, and related control software. Our  experience with video routers and related control software is unrivaled, and we stand behind our equipment with the best warranty in the industry – a no-fee 10-year warranty, and we even offer extended warranty options.

From the beginning, Utah Scientific has been on the leading edge of advancing routing technology, and we’ve passed some significant milestones along the way. Utah Scientific was the first to offer a large-scale digital router and pioneered many of the features that have become commonplace in the industry today: multiformat routing, integrated A/D and D/A conversions on inputs and outputs, integrated fiber-optic conversion, and 300 megabit switching. We were also the first to offer a single-link 12G routing switcher. We patented our technology on the first IP video router for the broadcast industry and we continue to help the industry in the transition to IP routing. And our routers are the most energy-efficient on the market, and we offer the industry’s widest range of control panels.


UTAH-400 Series 2 Hybrid IP/SDI Router

The UTAH-400 Series 2 routers are designed to provide a single platform for all signal formats including those used in IP networks. Each router is based on a unique hybrid architecture, making it ideal for even the most complex signal management environments. Robust tools for switching and processing signals drive a complete, integrated, and flexible system for the facilities of today and the future.

UHD -12G Digital Routing Switcher

UHD-12G 4K digital routing switcher is the industry’s first enterprise-class router to enable distribution of a full range of 4K SDI video signals, from SD data rates up to 12G, in a single-link interconnect. Ideal for live acquisition of UHDTV content, the UHD-12G 4K routing switcher simplifies installations, reduces the rack space and cables needed to process 4K signals, and lowers operating expenses.

Utah 400 RS-422 Data Router

The UTAH-400/DATA Router is a 64-port RS-422 router designed to switch machine control data in conjunction with the audio/video signal routing layers of a UTAH-400 Digital Routing Switcher System. Each 3RU frame carries a single switch card that serves 64 data ports. A high-speed data bus arrangement is provided to connect up to four frames together to form larger routers with up to 256 ports.

UTAH-400 Timecode Router

The UTAH-400/32 is the smallest frame in the series, bringing all of the features of the UTAH-400 High Density Digital Routing Switcher family to smaller matrix size applications. Housed in a compact, 2 RU frame that includes dual power supplies and dual crosspoint/controller cards, the UTAH-400/32 offers matrix sizes from 8×8 to 32×32.

UTAH-100/3 MADI Terminal

The UTAH-100/3 MADI Terminal offers a compact, flexible, and cost-effective means of converting audio signals, both analog and digital, to and from the MADI signal format. Each 2-RU frame can house one or two MADI channels, and each channel can carry up to 64 individual audio signals (32 AES or stereo pairs) with full 24-bit, 48KHz resolution.

UDS Compact Series

The UDS Compact Series is ideal for small applications. The series consists of SDI 8×32 configurable distribution amplifiers, SDI 10×10, and 20×20 routers.


The UTAH-100/UDS is a revolutionary approach to signal distribution, combining the flexibility of a multi-rate digital routing switcher with the economy of simple distribution amplifiers for use in signal distribution applications in all types of facilities.

UTAH-100 UDS-288

3G Video Router

The UTAH-100 UDS-288 brings the significant cost savings of the UTAH-100 UDS Router family to mid-size router applications while maintaining full compatibility with the Utah Scientific family of digital video and digital audio routers, system controllers, and control panels.


Modular Audio and Video Distribution Amplifiers

The UTAH-100/3 family of Distribution Amplifiers provide an economical but highly reliable means of creating multiple copies of both analog and digital video signals.

UTAH-100 & 200 XFD

Fiber Distribution Frame

The UTAH-100/XFD Fiber Distribution Frame provides a uniquely flexible platform for conversion and distribution of digital video signals. The frame houses up to four FLEX-I/O modules, each of which can handle up to four independent signal channels — a total of 16 channels in 1RU.